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New Music Video

16.03.2016 C-rouge's 2016 has started with an exciting release, a new music video for "Ganchoumem, Ari Ari", directed by Dmytro Golumbevskyy - an Armenian song remixed and featuring the vocals of Carmen Balian, to be featured in his upcoming album.   Read more

Women of 1915 Soundtrack

17.10.2014 Women are, very often, the backbone of society. During the Armenian Genocide and its immediate aftermath, both Armenian women and those from different countries intent on helping the Armenians were instrumental in saving the lives of the innocent. This is the premise of the new documentary by Read more

Tsovits Tsov – International Music Contest (2014)

29.07.2014 Participating to "Tsovits Tsov" - International Music Contest with Carmen Balian, with our collaboration "Mardigi Yerke" alongside of 100 others.   http://www.ttsov.com/ http://www.facebook.com/ttsov/ Read more

Amman Dance Party 2013

05.09.2013 Join us today, September 5 for our Largest Dance Party with international and Local DJ's @ Amman Airport Hotel. Highlights include entertainment by United Management who will take the stage at 9:00 PM and going strong till SUNRISE. This group will fill the air with their House music sure to have Read more

Virgin Megastore’s Megatop #1

06.05.2013 After only a week of its release date, C-rouge's third album "Guardian Angel" has reserved the no.1 spot in Virgin Megastore Lebanon's "Virgin Megatop" charts, which makes his third "Best-Seller" album.Thank you for everyone for their supports! Read more

New Album Launch & Signing Session

12.04.2013 Join C-rouge for his new album "Guardian Angel" launch & signing session which will be held at Virgin Megastore Lebanon (Citymall Branch) on the April 26th 2013, starting 6:00 PM till 8:00 PM.      Read more